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Want to make video interactive? Try this simple tool

"If you're already shooting video, this is a no-brainer. I think the way we've always done video is like a hammer and chisel and we're carving hieroglyphics, and this is an entire toolbox of different things. It unlocks so many possibilities."

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Top 10 Branded Content Partnerships of October: The British Impact – The Atlantic + Jaguar

"Rarely do interactive content experiences feel this intuitive and flow so naturally, which is thanks in part to the use of Verse, an interactive video platform,” said Pressboard’s Shawn Ragell. "After this series, I expect that we’ll start to see more top-tier publishers using their technology to push the limits of storytelling.”

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Engagement Soars as Newsweek Takes a New Approach to Video

Emerging interactive platform breathes new life into a 20-year-old homicide case.

"Fresh out of beta-testing as of July, the platform has already found clients in The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Outside, The Washington Post, The North Face, and even the National Park Service. Given Verse's astronomical engagement rates — 63 percent, on average, according to the company — it's no surprise that publishers and brands are taking notice."

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Verse Launches As An Antidote To Costly, Time-Consuming Video-Content Development For Brands

"As if bringing the best of Choose Your Own Adventure books to a digital age, Verse-created videos let viewers navigate through, stopping and clicking on people, items and moments to learn more or shop, backtrack, take stories in different directions, or even ask interviewees questions, depending on the nature of the video. For brands, the value is huge."

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Atlantic Re:think Uses New Video Platform For Jaguar Campaign

“We pride ourselves on incredible storytelling and we’re always looking for the best tools to do that," says Michael Monroe, The Atlantic's VP of Marketing and head of their Re:Think brand storytelling studio. "The story is only as successful as the way people interact with it. Verse could offer a non-linear video player where people could sort of choose their own adventure as they went through. The player enables people to find out more about the characters in the films, the artifacts, access slideshows from various places, and overall, it enables a unique interactive experience.”

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Startup Verse Unveils Video Player for Interactive Storytelling

"It looks like a compelling, easy way for creators to make their videos much more immersive."

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Verse Redefines Storytelling with Launch of Revolutionary Interactive Video Player

Company democratizes rich, immersive media experiences, reducing costs and development cycles for filmmakers, journalists and marketers.

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ABC Radio: 'Its Beautiful'

Learn more about how The Australian Broadcasting Company used the Verse platform to create their visually stunning documentary 'Freedom Riders' in this interview with ABC Radio.


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